For Career Seekers

Introducing Free Aira

Explorers now have all minutes covered for career-search related activities

Starting on Tuesday, February 20, Aira is offering free service for Explorers who are looking for new employment. From application to interview, Aira will provide unlimited free calls to agents for job-search related tasks. Examples of tasks that will be covered include:

  • Creating and reviewing resumes
  • Filling out job applications
  • Traveling to and from job fairs
  • Selecting outfits for interviews 
  • Getting oriented to the facility of a prospective employer
  • Accessing inaccessible content on job interviews

How Do I Take Advantage?

Every Explorer Qualifies

Any Aira Explorer who is seeking employment (regardless of whether they are currently employed) is entitled to free Aira minutes for job-search functions. These agent calls will not be deducted from your regular plan minutes. 

Taking advantage of the program is easy. All current and future Aira Explorers will have access to this program, regardless of which plan you are on now or in future plans. 

  • There are no special steps required 
  • When you're ready to start your job search, simply place a call to an Aira agent and perform your first task
  • The agent will categorize the activity as being employment related
  • If it is not immediately obvious that the activity is related to a job search (i.e. updating a resume), please let the agent know

Why Employment?

The unemployment rate for people who are blind or low vision is unacceptably high, with most estimates somewhere between 60-70%.
Our data over the past few months suggest the use of Aira in workplace environments has risen substantially to over 25% of all sessions and a major part of that also includes sessions that cover a wide variety of job search related situations.
There are over a hundred thousand job seekers who are blind or low vision actively looking for employment today, and Aira wants to help.

Aira is working to address this gap by providing unlimited access to Aira agents to assist with job-search tasks and enhance independence throughout the process; from application to interview. 

Not yet an Explorer?

All current and future Aira Explorers will have access to this program, regardless of which plan you are on now and new plans in the future.

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For Employers

At any workplace, employee efficiency matters and access to the tools and technologies that enhance productivity, self-pride and motivation are keys to success for any employee.  Over 25% of all our sessions are work related. This is why we are inviting every employer in the United States to become part of the Aira Employer Network.

There is a great workforce available for hire right now, just waiting for an opportunity to shine. Providing free, onsite Aira service can help you attract the talent you seek. 

Contact us to learn more about how to join the Aira Employer Network.

Aira Employment Program Launch

Watch Michael Use Aira At Work


Michael uses Aira at work to check business receipts.

Michael uses Aira while making copies.
Michael uses Aira to read a printed PowerPoint slide
Michael uses Aira on a business trip