Be Our Guest and Use for Free at Select Locations, No Subscription Necessary


Aira is an assistive technology that provides our Explorers instant access to information through our highly trained agents. But we don't just stop there.

While our Explorers do get exclusive access to our top features and smart glasses, we've also put a lot of thought into how we can offer our services to an even greater number of blind and low vision people.

In fact, our vision to make the entire world accessible at no cost to you is now coming to life!

Imagine being at an airport and calling an Aira agent to find a restroom or elevator, discover delicious eateries when you're hungry, and have charming souvenirs described to you while you shop for your loved ones on the holidays.

Please join us in witnessing our progress by signing up as an Aira Guest today. 


5 Simple Steps to Get Started

1. Download the Aira App that is available on iOS and Android.

2. On the Aira app, choose "Tap to use Aira as a Guest for FREE".

3. Register with email and phone number  on "Sign Up as a Guest."

4. You will get a text message confirming your phone number.  Tap on the link in the text message.  

5. Tap on the link in the text and congrats you've signed up as a guest.


*Are you not in any of the free locations but are interested in becoming an Explorer today? Check out our subscription plans at You can also call or text a friendly Aira representative at (781) 789-8596.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Aira Airport Network, powered by Site Access?

A: Aira’s vision is to make the entire world accessible for anyone who is blind or low vision. Site Access is our growing network of locations where Explorers can call Aira free of charge. The Aira Airport Network is currently our fastest growing network.


Q: Which Site Access locations are currently opened to everyone?

A: You can find a list of the most up-to-date locations on the Aira app once you sign up as a Guest.


Q: Will I have the opportunity to use the Aira’s glasses?

A: No, Aira glasses are only available to subscribers at this time.


Q: What happens if I call outside of a Site Access location?

A: All calls are restricted within the boundaries of a Site Access location.


Q: How much does this cost? How many calls can I make?

A: All calls are free. You can make as many calls as you would like within the Site Access location.


Q: How long does this offer last?

A: This offer does not currently have an expiration date.


Q: Can I access any of Aira’s integrated features?

A: Our Guests can make calls to an agent, but as an Aira Explorer you’d be able to access shared minute plans, photo sharing, rideshare integration, invitations to exclusive Aira broadcasting… and many more!


Q: How can I sign up to be an Explorer?

A: An Aira representative will call you shortly to hear about your experience and see if you'd like to become an Explorer. You can also text or call them at (781) 789-8596.